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Our Guidance Program offers several different services to children, parents, and teachers. We have a Lower School Counselor, Kim Green, who works with Preschool-8th grade students and a High School Counselor, Kristin Turner, who counsels students in 9th-12th grades.

The purpose of a Counselor within the school setting is to be an advocate for all children, as well as to support the overall educational environment. Throughout the school year, the counselor will visit all classes and discuss issues that are outside the typical curriculum. Topics such as self-esteem, responsibility, decision-making, friendship, and many more are common objectives used in these larger settings. A hands-on approach is incorporated to improve retention of the information and teachers are present in the classroom so that topics can be reinforced after the lesson is over. 

Another service offered by the counselor is small group counseling. Many times students in different parts of the school are going through similar experiences. These children find that talking to others who have problems like their own helps to validate their own feelings. However, there are many situations that are better served through individual counseling. Students can refer themselves or be referred by a parent, teacher, or other faculty member. Individual sessions vary in length and duration depending on the child and the situation that is being discussed. 

Finally, the counseling program offers consultation services to parents, teachers, and faculty. The goal of this service is to work together to develop strategies that will best meet the needs of the child. Parents who feel their child could benefit from any of the counseling services are encouraged to contact the counselor for an appointment.