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Faith & Service

Opportunity to Pray

Starting every morning with prayer sets a positive tone for the day. 

Girl praying in church

Starting with our 1-year-olds, every student is reminded of God's love as they have Religion time in their daily schedules. Pre-K4 through 5th grade students attend church once a week. Catholic students are able to prepare for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion in 2nd grade as part of the Religion curriculum.

Navigating the sometimes awkward tween and early teen years is a big part of middle school. Daily Religion classes facilitate conversations about morals and ethics. Middle school students attend church twice a month and various prayer services throughout the year. They may also participate in Velocity or our Rosary Club to learn the power of prayer and a positive outlook.

High school students also attend church twice a month and various prayer services throughout the year. They have opportunities to participate in our Peer Ministry Team and our Pro Life Club. 

St. Anne-Pacelli welcomes students of other religions and encourages those students to grow stronger in their faiths. Being guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ makes our hallways a loving, forgiving place where students can find comfort and peace.

Opportunity to Give

Middle school students with donations for babies

Gifts and talents are meant to be shared with others, so all St. Anne-Pacelli students engage in community service. Community service is part of the school's Religion curriculum each year.

Our students learn about the importance of sharing their time, talent and treasure when they visit St. Anne Community Outreach. Located on campus, the center helps feed and clothe the less fortunate in our area. There are opportunities for middle school students to donate items to the center as well as volunteer. Before Christmas, our 7th graders are encouraged to use money they earn by doing chores around the house to purchase items for a Baby Shower for Jesus. The baby gifts are then donated to St. Anne Community Outreach and shared with local families in need. 

Our high school Viking Outreach Leadership Team (VOLT) volunteers monthly at St. Anne Community Outreach to distribute groceries to the less fortunate in our community. The mission of VOLT is to inspire, educate, and mentor others about the needs of our community. These students serve as leaders in the school and encourage other students to volunteer and serve others in need.

Seniors engage in a year-long service project to see how they can impact a cause that is important to them. A student who enjoys dancing might organize a dance marathon to raise money for cancer research. One who is passionate about reading could build free lending libraries to help children have access to books. 

Our Vikings are making a difference in their school, church and community!