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Scholarship Applications and Instructions
St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School as well as private donors and organizations provide scholarship awards to students in PreK-4 through 12th grades. These awards vary in amount and in qualifications. In an effort to maximize a student's ability to receive an award and to acknowledge the time spent in completing these awards, St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School has moved to one scholarship application for all awards (excluding Pacelli Scholars, Commit to the P, and Study Abroad) available for the 2024-2025 school year. All areas of this form will help match a student with available scholarships for which they meet the criteria. Please utilize the optional upload area at the end of this application to attach items specific to an award, for example, if a student is strong in the area of fine arts, an example of their work is a great item to attach. 

A student will need these items to complete an application fully: Names and email addresses of two recommenders, a resume, a statement on the topic of "about the importance of his or her faith and how receiving a Catholic education has already or will impact you as a person", a statement on the topic of "academic, service, faith, athletic, and extracurricular interests, involvement, and plans for the future," and optional supporting documents. Once a student has these items, please proceed to the application. 

Award amounts may range from $500 to $5,000. Scholarships are intended to reward students for academic and extracurricular achievements. Families are not required to fill out the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to apply for scholarships. 

Timeline for 2024-2025 Scholarships (dates for deadlines and award announcements)


Available Scholarships

Outside Scholarships

Folds of Honor Foundation offers scholarships for children of service members who were killed in action, missing in action, Purple Heart recipients or 90-100 percent disabled due to military service. They also make awards to children of first responders who were killed or disabled. The applications for Folds of Honor scholarships open February 1st and deadline in March. The applications include a Private School Verification Form to be completed by St. Anne-Pacelli. The form may be submitted to the school office with Section 1 completed. Upon verifying that the student is registered for the 2024-2025 school year and the account is in good standing, the form will be completed. Please allow 72 hours for the form to be processed. For eligibility and applications, visit

Georgia Special Needs Scholarship: Students residing in Georgia who have an IEP or 504 plan may qualify for the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship program. Please visit for eligibility information and the scholarship amount calculator.