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Financial Aid


We have a long history of academic excellence at St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School. Recent athletic achievements, fine arts merit, and the continued additions of a variety of clubs and organizations continue to shine a spotlight on our school. For these reasons and many more, we think an investment in St. Anne-Pacelli is a wise decision!​ This booklet is intended to give you an overview of expenses to anticipate and general information regarding St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School's financial aid and scholarship offerings.

Tuition Assistance

To be considered for needs-based tuition assistance, students must be accepted for admission and families must complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment at FACTS is a well-established, third-party service that keeps financial information private and secure. They calculate a family's ability to pay on behalf of St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School. When you apply in FACTS, you will be asked to upload financial information such as your Federal Income Tax Return and W-2s. If you do not file federal taxes, you may indicate that in the FACTS application.

Once the FACTS application is complete and the information verified by the tax documents, a report is provided to St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School for review by the Tuition Assistance Committee. FACTS will send an email notification once a tuition assistance award is made by the Tuition Assistance Committee.

We make every effort to meet a family's demonstrated financial need; however, we are not able to make full-tuition awards. The deadline to apply for tuition assistance is March 1, 2024. After that date, applications for aid are subject to funds availability. The FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment must be completed each year. Students may receive both scholarship and tuition assistance awards.

Families who receive needs-based tuition assistance are required to contribute 20 hours of volunteer service to the school during the school year in which the assistance is received.

Note: Records will not be released for registered or enrolled students to other institutions unless St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School receives withdrawal papers prior and any withdrawal penalties are paid. Exceptions are seniors going into college and records are being sent to colleges upon request.