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High School

To be successful, students need the ability to think critically, solve problems creatively, and communicate confidently. St. Anne-Pacelli develops these skills in high school students using a college preparatory curriculum taught by experienced, supportive teachers.

Our AP Capstone & Global Competency Seal programs help students set themselves apart. St. Anne-Pacelli's Dual Enrollment program offers students the opportunity to take college level courses without leaving the safety and familiarity of our campus. Vikings aren't just prepared for college, they have a head start!

Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of clubs and activities to develop their interests and leadership skills. Over 85% of high school students participate at least one of 15  sports offered. Our high school students learn in a safe, supportive environment where they can explore interests and develop talents. It is a place where meaningful relationships with others and with God are formed.

Photo of teen girl working on assignment in class with Chromebook
Photo of student doing touch-down push-ups during football game
Photo of theatre students performing on stage
Photo of two high school girls in art class
Photo of football player
Photo of teacher working with student in French class
Photo of students praying in church
Photo of Biology science teacher in lab with students

St. Anne-Pacelli’s college preparatory curriculum goes above and beyond the requirements of the state of Georgia. For graduation, students are required to earn the following:

•4 units English (must include American Literature)
•4 units Math (must include Algebra I & II, Geometry; math must be taken each year)
•4 units Science (must include Biology, Chemistry, & Physics)
•3 units Social Studies (must include World History, US History, Economics & US Government)
•2 units Foreign Language (must have two years of the same language)
•1 unit Physical Education/Health
•1 unit Fine Arts
•4 units Religion (required each year of attendance)
•1 unit in an elective
TOTAL = 24 CREDITS (minimum)
Although 24 credits are required for graduation, students have the opportunity to earn 28 credits, leaving room for meaningful electives. All students are scheduled for seven class periods per day.